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About PhotoLDR

PhotoLDR is a duo iOS app and web site plug-in. PhotoLDR presents a native iOS format for supported web sites. As the name suggests, it allows iPhone, iPod, and iPad users to add images and content from their iOS device. PhotoLDR also allows content managers to add, edit, or un-publish content on their site.

Add an new page with an image or photo as quickly and easily as sending a text message. Text content is cached in the app, so you can read or review content even when no internet connection is available.

To see screen shots and explanations, visit

This site is built using WordPress, and a WordPress plug-in was built to allow the interaction. The basic function of the PhotoLDR plug-in is meant to present the site using XML standards, which this app or others like it can read. The same plug-in also accepts data from the outside world, checks the authority of the user posting, then creates the post. This code is open source.

PhotoLDR makes it possible to easily add photos and content to WordPress from an iOS device.

PhotoLDR is a Content Management System app for users and administrators.

PhotoLDR allows a site administrator or authenticated user to Add, Edit, or UnPublish (hide) content from WordPress.

Text based Content is cached on your iOS device, so you can read content anywhere.

A WordPress plug-in is required in the WordPress Site. The plug-inis open source. WordPress Admin\’s can download the module and configure what content is visible in PhotoLDR. The module can be downloaded here: and it is also available in the WordPress plugin page

To get going:

Install the iOS app.

click photoldr:// on you iPhone or iPad.